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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last night at my weekly Bible study, we were sharing times when we felt the loving-kindness of God.  As the other ladies were talking, a special memory came to my mind.  It happened during a time in my life when I was dealing with loss and great sadness.  I was home alone, listening to worship music and praying.  Soon, my prayers turned to praises and I stood up from my chair. I slowly began to dance across my living room to the tune playing through the speakers on my iPod.  As I continued to quietly move to the music, I no longer felt alone.  I could feel the arms of comfort from the One who was reminding me that He was there.  My life was in His hands and because of that, all was well.  In that moment, I felt peace tangibly return to my hurting soul. 

That intimate encounter with my Savior inspired the following post, written several years later.  I'd like to share it with you again as I continue to thank God for His presence in my life:

The Dance with My Father

I learned to love dancing at an early age. Both of my parents were avid dancers and I would accompany them on many of their outings. Under the guidance of my father, one of the first things I learned was to allow him to lead. I learned to be attuned to the gentle pressure of his fingertips on my back or the slightest movement of his hand around mine. If I ever tried to do a step without following his leading, I would stumble and get out of sync with him. The cohesive flow between us would cease and the dance would become awkward and shaky. But at those times, my father would patiently guide me back into step.

I have found it to be the same with my heavenly Father. As I have moved across the dance floor of my life, there have been times when I have chosen to ignore my Father’s leading. I have chosen my own path rather than following the one God had placed before me. Through my foolish pride I have not always trusted His directions. Sometimes it has been out of enthusiasm that I have been caught up in my own plans and have gone my own way. But at other times it has been out of direct disobedience to Him. The result of both has been the same. When I have failed to trust that God’s way was the best way I have gotten out of sync with Him and ceased to feel the peace that comes through His heavenly rhythm in my life.

Being out of step with God is exhausting, confusing and full of turmoil and pain. It is only by allowing Him to lead us that we can find true peace.  “Trust in the LORD and do good. Then you will live safely in the land and prosper” (Psalm 37:4).

When we have stumbled and forgotten how to dance with Him, He is still there, offering to guide us back into step. Our Father’s Word is trustworthy. Through it He offers direction and wisdom when we are lost and confused. He offers forgiveness when we have stumbled and fallen and He will gently pick us back up and continue to guide us…if only we allow Him to lead.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding;
 in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths” (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Living for Him,


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  1. Hi Joan - lovely post. I could just feel God's presence with you has you danced. The analogy of letting God lead is so true and so important. Thank you for the reminder to let God lead.

    And thank you so much for linking up today. I really appreciate it and am truly encouraged by your support
    God bless

  2. Beautiful Joan! Have you ever hard the song, "Dance with me, Lover of my soul"? So good!

  3. Love this... "Being out of step with God is exhausting, confusing and full of turmoil and pain. It is only by allowing Him to lead us that we can find true peace." There is nothing truer! Blessings!

  4. Joan - this post brings tears to my eyes. Just to think of our loving Heavenly father gently leading us - in perfect rhythm...

    I have also been guilty of getting out of step - sometimes fueled by my own desires and not listening for His direction. Other times (and I'm ashamed to admit) I deliberately set out to do things my way.

    But in His lovingkindness, He always gently leads me back.


  5. I loved the visual on this one! Oh, I would hate to count the many (many) times that I have stepped on the Lord's feet, or tried to lead, or caused myself to stumble.

    Sometimes His lead is subtle - with fingertips - and we have to be attuned to His prompts.

    But the glorious thing to me is this - that whether it's a slow waltz or a fast foxtrot, God gives me the deep privilege and pleasure of being His chosen partner!

    Ah...letting His music carry me away.


  6. What an encouraging post. Great reminder to let God lead. Too many times we want to take the lead, usually with disastrous results. Now I feel like dancing.

  7. I was just thinking this morning that if only I had let God lead my life, I wouldn't have made so many bad choices in my life. I am much more willing to let God make my decisions and lead me through life now. Thank you, this was a beautiful analogy.

  8. A moving metaphor! And I think, too, that He longs to teach us, patiently, an entire repertoire of different dances. And for all occasions. But He never intends for us to dance any of them alone. Thanks for your post, Joan. It's a lovely reminder.

  9. this is such a sweet memory, Joan. I love the analogy of allowing God to lead us. I've been out of step and it's a time of confusion and pain. I find trusting is how I want to live.


  10. Both the opening and your story of your dance are beautiful.
    Have you ever had an experience where God used an illustration several times through a day to speak to you?
    Your illustration did. My Bible Study this morning was a Beth Moore (Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed) where in II Sam. 6, David was joyful, angry, fearful, then joyful and danced with joy as they brought the ark home.
    Seeing this reminds again of even in the midst of trials I can dance with my Lord.

  11. this is beautiful Joan....and He is Lord of the Dance....the one true happy dance!!!

  12. Your post reminded me of the Luther Vandcross song "Dance with my Father." What precious memories you have! I like how the analogy you used here. Thank you for sharing!

  13. I love to dance with our Father.. on a regular basis. Love that He dances with all of us who are willing to accept. ~Blessings~

  14. Having a good earthly father has helped you to understand your Heavenly father. I love to dance in church, just in my row as I sing and clap to Him. When I do the joy of the Lord overflows in my heart. Yes, I know what you mean about dancing with the Lord and allowing him to lead, its a good place to be. Blessings from Oz. Crystal Mary

  15. Your post really made me smile! I love talking with the Lord. I love how He never leaves me empty or hopeless. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post today.



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