Sharing His Beauty

**Please note:  Sharing His Beauty link up is on a break for the summer of 2016.  See you in the fall!

"Sharing His Beauty" is a place for Christians to link-up their blogs each Monday to give praise and thanksgiving to our Lord and Savior! So often we come to Monday mornings, already weary and worn out. The week has just begun, but we are counting the days until Friday. "Sharing His Beauty" is a weekly avenue created to help turn our focus to God and share the beauty we have found in His hands. Won't you join me as we come together in this place to encourage each other in the name of Jesus Christ and bring honor to Him by sharing our blessings? Let's start out the week giving Him praise!

How Does It Work?

1. Write a few words or paragraphs about the blessing God is to you in your life, and post it on your own blog.  Feel free to share encouragement He has given you or simply the joy it is to know Him!  Please also add a link to "The Beauty in His Grip" or add the "Sharing His Beauty" button (from my sidebar).

2. Click "You're Next!" at the bottom of the "Sharing His Beauty" Monday post and enter your web site address in the "linky" space provided.  The post and "linky" will be available on Sunday evenings by 6:00 PT and will remain open for link-ups until Wednesday each week.

3. And/Or - If you choose, you may enter a comment under the weekly "Sharing His Beauty" post expressing your praise and thanks to God for what He has done in your life.

4.  Remember - Before linking up, please take a moment to double check the content of any advertisements you may be running on your own sites and be sure they are God-honoring, At The Beauty in His Grip, and more specifically, on the Sharing His Beauty linky, I want to be sure that people feel comfortable following the links to your blogs, knowing that the information they read will be from God's Word, and/or be honoring to Him.

"May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart 
be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer" (Psalm 19:14).

5. Read - It is also a great encouragement to read posts from the other bloggers who link up! So be sure to check out their sites as well.

Living for Him,


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